Oh, You Make Me Blush!

I am a promoter of concerts in Bloomington, IN and Morgan “Sunshine” Miller is the most reliable graphic designer that I have had the pleasure to work with. She has designed posters, banners, handbill schedules and more for us. She treats every project we give her as a chance to express her creativity while constantly expanding her knowledge and skills in the graphic design industry. Morgan is driven to be successful, doesn’t miss deadlines and her work really does contribute to the success of our events. The best quality she holds is that she knows that her designing career is limitless. This unlimited mentality stems from her desire to learn every day and diversify the skills that she has. Based on my experiences with Morgan and The Sunny Cyborg, I would recommend hiring her, to anyone, in any industry, for all of your future graphic designing needs.

Nick Elis

Street Team Manager, Groove Productions and Entertainment

I wanted to write a recommendation for The Sunny Cyborg! I would give this gal all five stars. Her work has stepped up my marketing potential and helped me create a brand. Best money I’ve ever spent related to my career.

Megan Maudlin


Usually when you’re starting a business and building a website for it, you go to one person for logo design, someone else for web design, and someone else for business card layout and design. Unbelievably, Morgan does it ALL!

I started off with the need for a logo. She’s very friendly, honest, thorough, and clear in what she needs from you before she can begin, makes sure you have a clear vision of what you want, is willing to talk you through it and show you examples of various logo interpretations, allowing you to pick whatever colors you prefer, takes your feedback professionally, and makes changes accordingly. You’ll get what she prefers first, but then she will ultimately give you what you want (though in my case I found out what I wanted ended up being what she preferred!) Her logo work is original, clever, and grows on you fast. It’s a pleasure staring at her design portfolio …which is how I came to pick her in the first place. It’s not just a design, but it has a sense of connection to the business organization or person it was designed for. It pops out at you and draws your focus to the parts that matter, yet looks attractive, professional, and somehow puts your mind at ease the way it does when you look at architecture that so perfectly blends into its surroundings and has an earthy zen quality to it that feels natural, not forced. This is a rare quality in a designer, so I went with her and was pleasantly surprised at her friendliness, professionalism, punctuality, and overall knowledge. She was also, compared to the competition, very inexpensive (and willing to negotiate payment plans if necessary….which is amazing.)

When I told her I needed this for a website, she said “Would you like me to design that for you?” I was taken aback. I thought…a logo designer who knows wordpress? Okay, not too far fetched, but how good is she? I was given a choice of hundreds of beautiful looking templates she had access to which she had the legal right to modify to the customer’s preference, but they would give you a basis to start from. Also, she had me fill out a survey asking me what I wanted from the website and what primary purposes it would serve…which is great, because that made me think more clearly what it was I truly wanted to do. I don’t think I had a clear vision until I filled that out, and spent most of my time trying to answer those questions than she ever spent implementing my request. Once I figured out what I wanted to do and picked a template I liked, not even 3 days later did she have an 80% completed site! Then I wanted to add a few things and change a couple other things, and that’s where the pain begins for most web designers. From the customer’s point of view, a request like “you can put that thing that’s on the bottom up on the top, right?” sounds easy, but from a designer/developer’s point of view, that can potentially mean a do-over of the entire website code, depending on what it is you’re asking for. Thankfully, all of my requests were doable, rather simply and quickly, and the website looked GORGEOUS! She used the logo she designed for me, and color schemed the site to fit the logo uniformly. This is why it’s ideal to have your logo designer do your website, if you can be so lucky! Everything that she didn’t know how to do offhand, she was able to figure out, which is my favorite quality about her. She doesn’t give up unless the tech gods above tell her “this can be done, but it’s going to take several hours of intense redesign.” Then she gives you that option, but that means paying for those hours, and she won’t do this to you unless there is no other way. We didn’t run into that, until the very end.

Once the site was 99% done, I had one more thing I wanted the site to do (there is ALWAYS one more thing the customer wants, we’re never satisfied!) I wanted the presentation of my posts on the front page to not be in summary mode, but to be presented in the format in which I was writing them, because as a guy who writes a lot of poetry, I wanted line-breaks showing up where they belonged, and didn’t like the “click here to see the rest of it” trend that this template forced upon me. At this point, I was already making demands of things that were out of scope of our agreement, I had ample time to look over that template from the start and made no complaints or demands about it until I actually had the product in hand and was using it. Most developers would be charging me more money to proceed. She did try to fix this, looked into it heavily. At my day job, I work with some pretty hardcore web designers and had  them look it over too. They told me the same thing she did, that this would probably take some serious redesign on the backend if it was that important to me, and it would have to cost because if she’s doing that for me, out of scope from the original order, she’s not doing OTHER people’s work who are actually paying her. So, I decided to drop it, paid her in full for a job well done, and began using the site.

Two weeks later I get a message from her while she was on the road, messaging me from her laptop which was using her phone as a wifi hotspot, “Hey, I figured out a much easier way to do that thing you wanted done with your poetry presentations….still want me to fix that?” Blown away, I said “YES!” An hour later I get another message from her “Reload your browser!” I did….and IT WAS FIXED! All my writing showed up the way in which it was originally written, but with that beautiful design she put together behind it! She did not charge for this, but could have, and should have. As far as customer service goes, this is beyond professional, it’s exceptional. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

Upon completion of the order I received an email detailing the “best practices” for using my wordpress site, posting to it, with all the color codes of my logo if I wanted to use them as my background. I told her I’d be too lazy to do that, and she said “okay, you’re the customer, but it would look much nicer if you followed my recommendation!” She was right…my blog was looking like crap when I was being lazy about it, so I went back and started rotating the colors per her specification (which was VERY EASY by the way) and it looked 100 times better. When it comes to layout and design, I’m finding she’s always right. I’ll challenge her, she’ll show me what I think is best, and then I’ll have her change it back to what she first designed and planned….every single time, she’s been dead on at her first whack, but she never hesitates to change it to your spec as she values your request and wants to give you what you asked form. Amazing woman.

I then used her to do my business cards, and that was 100% painless, quick, inexpensive, and they turned out beautiful. She gave me a beautiful looking brand, a responsive website that can handle photos, blogs, poetry, and video like a champ, and gorgeous business cards. I identify with these products and feel a natural and personal connection to them, and they give me higher self-esteem which was not what I paid money for, but it’s what she gives you. She takes the beautiful that’s in you, not just in your idea, and expresses it visually like no other designer I’ve ever professionally worked with.

If you don’t have a big budget but you need quality logo or web design done painlessly and professionally with friendly customer service, always go with Morgan Miller and you’ll never be disappointed.


Every Man

Writer, Creative, Everyman Today